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Post Surgery Tips: Handle gas like a pro!💪

Uncomfortable or painful gas is common after weight loss surgery… Stock up on Gas X Strips, they dissolve on your tongue and help you relieve gas pain while reducing the frequency of flatulence. You need to start walking; is the most effective way to help you out release the gas on your stomach, it also speeds your recovery progress and helps you to create a healthy habit.

Should I stop my medications after weight loss surgery?

Post-Surgery tips: Don’t stop taking any medications without your doctor’s approval.

Many obesity-related health problems can improve after weight loss surgery, but that doesn’t mean you should stop taking your medications. Talk to your main physician after stopping any medication(s). Also, don’t start medications without your surgeon’s approval, especially in the first weeks following your weight loss surgery.

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Net Carbs vs. Total Carbs

Patient support tools – Weight losssurgery in Tijuana Mexico To talk about carbs, it’s important to know that not all carbohydrates affect the body in the same way. Some carbohydrates are rapidly absorbed and cause blood sugar levels to quickly rise after eating them, for example white bread, white rice, potatoes, candies. These types of carbs have a high glycemic index (the glycemic index is a measure of how quickly food glucose is absorbed), which makes easier to your body to absorb sugar and convert it in to fat. Other carbs, move slowly through the digestive system and much of it isn't digested at all. These types of carbs are insoluble fiber; you can find it on fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.
Total Carbs
The “total carbs” label on a product refers to a combined amount of all three types of carbohydrates- sugar, complex carbohydrate and fiber per serving.
What’s a Net Carb?
Net Carbs represent the total carbohydrate content of the food minus the fiber content. This number…

Water intake - Stay Hydrated after bariatric surgery

Stay hydrated! Before and after weight loss surgery, our body needs water for proper functioning; this is an essential nutrient in our daily diet. 

After a restrictive bariatric procedure (Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Lap Band…) you will have a smaller stomach pouch that limits your food and liquids intake. This new stomach capacity enables you to achieve a faster weight loss by making you feel satisfied in a shorter period of time. The optimal fluid intake is 64oz. per day, if you exercise you may require taking more fluids.

Not taking enough water and liquids can be dangerous to your health; dehydration is the number one reason why patients are readmitted to the hospital after WLS. 

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After Bariatric Surgery: The Importance of Taking Your Medications as Prescribed!

Taking medications just because you have a certain symptom, doesn’t mean that you can use them for the period and amount you wish for. Taking your medications correctly involves factors such as getting prescriptions filled, remembering to take medication on time, and understanding the indications.
Not taking your medications as prescribed can interfere with the ability to treat conditions and diseases, leading to greater complications from the illness and a lower quality of life for the patient. Taking your medications as your doctor prescribed it is crucial, especially when you had a major surgery since this will improve the process of healing and will also help you experience a safe and faster recovery.
Bariatric Surgery with Long Term WLS: Take-home medication (Medical prescription)
A medical prescription to take back home will be provided after bariatric surgery with Long Term WLS, those medications are not included in the price of the surgical package. The whole medic…

Warm and friendly medical care in Mexico - Gastric Sleeve with Dr. Maytorena

Mexico is a very popular destination to travel, not only for its endless touristic destinations, natural landscapes, geographical diversity and magical towns, but also for the warm and friendly treat from our people.
On the last decade, Mexico has emerged as one of the top destinations for medical tourism, welcoming thousands of foreign patients to provide them a wide variety of services and treatments of the highest quality for a significant lower cost, compared to the rest of the world.
But, what make us different from other destinations?Definitely our people! Our cultural richness through history and nowadays, has allowed us to develop respect for every other human being, no matter their race, religion, sexual preference, ideologies, etc. Our foreign visitors end up choosing Mexico to undergo different sort of medical treatments while simultaneously taking a vacation, relaxing and recovering in a warm and friendly weather.
Mexico has traditionally been among the most visited count…

Something you may didn’t know about Dr. Maytorena

At Long Term WLS/VSG we are committed to offer a high quality medical experience in Tijuana Mexico. Our team has the most qualified surgeons, doctors and nurses to provide you a professional approach and the best weigh loss results to our patients.
It’s very important to us, to make you feel comfortable and secure, that’s one of the main reasons why our Leading Surgeon Dr. Jorge Maytorena became part of our team… Dr. Maytorena has a strong work ethic as a doctor and surgeon; he went to medical school with the purpose of helping and improving people’s lives trough medicine. But is not only his good heart what have made him a recommended a trusted surgeon, he has a clean record of quality and excellence in every one of his surgeries, this has a lot to do whit his medical training and constant education.
Beside of being a Certified bariatric Surgeon, Dr. Maytorena is also a Trauma Surgeon; he spent over 3 years at Tijuana Red Cross as part of his training (The Red Cross of Tijuana treats …